Adoptă un Ș

Adoptă un Ș

Kinecto Isobar

We launched a special adoption campaign for the Romanian diacritics. For this, we collaborated with contemporary writers and artists (Veronica Niculescu, Cezar Paul Bădescu, Florin Iaru, Marius Chivu and Dan Byron) and we recorded them while reciting or singing without using diacritics.

We pushed the videos and pennants on social media and launched a dedicated website where consumers could install and learn how to use the Romanian keyboard on their devices.

The results

In the first 24h since going live, we had more than 45.000 unique visitor on site. Our Facebook page gained traction quickly and the Internet went wild:

  • In the first day since the launch we had over 10.000 shares from the web page
  • After mentions in the local news and even some TV appearances, we had more than 20 international mentions. Some examples: NPR, BBC, USA Today, com,,
  • The best part was when Snoop Dogg himself made our day and posted a reply to our message, using the #visitbogata hashtag and making his intention clear to visit Romania soon.
  • Snoop’s reply had a massive engagement rate, compared to his other posts: over 100k likes, over 3k responses and 6k likes. This was unseen compared to other posts on his Facebook page.
  • This response quickly made the ”bogata romania” and ”bogata romania snoop dogg” trending on Facebook

All these after a 24h effort and quickly seizing an opportunity we may have missed, had we not checked our Instagram feed.

The challenge

The Challenge

Upon seeing the news and realizing we knew nothing on the area, a short research revealed Bogata, Mureș is situated in a beautiful setting, with lots to offer for tourists.

The idea

We started wondering: what if we create a landing page to promote this beautiful area, now made famous by a mistake? This is how was born.

We knew we had to move fast. These kind of celebrity news only have 15 minutes of fame, and we knew we had to capitalize on these 15 minutes to raise awareness for our site. So we started working on the design immediatly, aquired the .com domain and started working hard through the night. This made it possible for us to go live only a day later.