Queen Bee

Queen Bee

De Bijenkorf

An entertaining & informative Snapchat campaign during Amsterdam Gay Pride.

The results

Thousands upon thousands of Snapchat story views combined with hundreds of live interactions helped us prove why De Bijenkorf is the Dutch authority on makeup, glamour and general fabulousness.

The challenge

Standing out from the colourful crowd during one of Amsterdam’s most spectacularly crowded events of the summer.

De Bijenkorf (English: The Beehive) is Holland’s leading department store, with a focus on high quality inspiration and experience. Their extensive makeup department, staffed by talented and experienced makeup professionals, offers a vast array of premium brands and unparalleled personal service.

Our task was to promote all that De Bijenkorf’s makeup department has to offer during one of the most glamorous events of the year; the Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade.

The idea

Creating a fabulous hero to help us tell our inspiring makeup story.

In order for us to develop an entertaining Snapchat narrative, we first needed to create our hero: Queen Bee (AKA Hoax LeBeau, AKA Joost Gimbel). This allowed us to not only promote premium makeup products but also present our audience with application tips and tricks. In the days leading up to the Canal Parade, Joost took our Snapchat audience along with him during his transformative journey in preparation for the parade – from everyday guy into the fabulously fantastic Queen Bee.

Queen Bee’s entertaining, inspiring and informative story culminated in her taking a canalside stroll through Amsterdam, stopping and Snapping along the way to meet with her new fans and even engage in some super-fun Snapchat face swapping.