We launched the world’s first crowd-sourced underwear collection to show young women that your liner should never limit you in what you want to wear.


The results

More than 30,000 women contributed their ideal design to the Multistyle Collection.

The challenge

Introducing a revolutionary liner that fits in any type of underwear.

Libresse developed a liner with a convertible shape to fit any underwear: from cool boxers to sexy strings. They wanted to both introduce this new product and connect with their target audience on an emotional level.

The idea

The Libresse Multistyle Collection is designed and won by fans.

Underwear has a significant role in your daily life. It can make you feel innocent, confident or even like a bombshell! That’s why we asked Dutch women to help us design an exclusive range of the three most popular types of underwear, choosing fabrics, colours and details. The popular Dutch fashion vlogger Serena Verbon announced the winning design each week and gave the designs back to the community.