One holistic digital eco-system

One holistic digital eco-system

Wrangler Asia Pacific

Creating a full experience website for Wrangler - one that offers unified functioning of the overall eco-system, under one roof.

The results

A multilingual multiregional platform; custom to each region

The challenge

To make this iconic American brand - relevant once again!

Wrangler did not have a unified identity in Asia. It was important for the brand to have a 'hub' that would serve as a the final destination for the consumer across the digital landscape; and also be home to True Wanderer - the biggest brand campaign across 5 countries.

The idea

We designed a coalesce platform for consumers to interact & engage with the brand.

A unified digital ecosystem was created to cater to the needs of all Wrangler fans and consumers across the APAC region. The multi-lingual website was home to all brand offerings and at the core of all digital marketing activities across the APAC region.

Aside from the design & development of the website on one platform, we also enforced hosting on Amazon servers where simultaneous operations and traffic from over 12 countries occur tirelessly.