Super Saver Oil

Super Saver Oil

Super Saver Oil

Red-hot online sales keep the home-fires burning.                          

One of Ireland’s best known home-heating oil distributors DCC developed a new brand (SuperSaver Oil) and a new website, detailing low cost fuel offers, and dramatically drove online sales as a result.

The results

  • In the first 6-9 months there were over 3,000 orders between the Republic and Northern Ireland.
  • The new, simple yet functional design has a look-and-feel unlike any other fuel brand in the market.

The challenge

In a competitive market, we were tasked with the challenge of selling home-heating fuel online in Ireland, north and south, ideally through a customised, easy-to-maintain ecommerce site.

The idea

We built two websites for SuperSaver Oil with the same look-and-feel for markets in both the north and south of Ireland, focusing on both usability and backend maintenance.  An innovative design ensured customers could easily see the cheapest day to order fuel to their area in the next week, and this drove easier and faster conversion. By implementing a comprehensive CMS platform, this helps the team at DCC to manage and change key content, like fluctuating fuel prices, with ease.