Senior Project Manager for UX/UI projects

Our brand and service design experts began consulting top execs in digital transformation. The content team serviced top e-commerce companies in 8 countries, our campaigns are increasingly directed at regional levels. Our team is ambitious, fun and hard working – 130 professionals + extensive partner network + great clients. We like to think of it as moving hearts and business.

But one person is missing: Senior IT Project Manager (mobile projects)

What you will most probably do
You will lead projects and manage an expert team to (re)design Magyar Telekom’s desktop and mobile user interfaces (portal, webshop, applications etc.) and enhance user experience, brand experience and site visits. Primary client communication language is Hungarian but English is an asset.  

Your daily tasks will include
- Project leading: you will ensure the excellent performance of the project team that includes Isobar Budapest professionals, client’s experts and product managers.
- Briefing: you will interpret client expectations and business objectives into professional deliverables for the project team. You will act as contact point for the project team members and subcontractors; you will assign tasks and supervise their implementations.
- Professional activities: you will actively participate in client meetings (personal and teleconferences). You will decode, contribute, question, confront, and reconcile.
- Project planning: you will prepare resource plans, cost estimations and project plans.  
- Preparation of offers: you will prepare project offers in writing (including professional contents).
- Project control: you will monitor the project budget and project schedule, and manage risks and changes.
- Project administration: you will prepare reports, minutes, and miscellaneous project documentation. You will be responsible for the administration of the project and connected productions tasks.
- Quality control: you will ensure excellent project team performance. If you see flaws, you will consult with the respective team leaders.
- Account management: you will be the primary operative contact for clients.
- Business development: you will identify new business and project opportunities with the client, and consult these with your business director.
- Knowledge sharing: You will ensure that the client-specific knowledge gathered during the projects is documented properly for easy sharing when the project team changes.

You will be responsible for
- Client satisfaction
- Project budgets and deadlines
- High quality project team performance

You will work with the following professionals
- You will be member of a client-specific project team of 20 professionals lead by a business director. The team includes several project managers, UX and UI designers, and front end developers that you will actively co-operate with.
- You will maintain and manage an effective professional partnership with the client teams (project managers, product managers).
- You will regularly consult with your business director and report on the status of projects.
- You can turn to our professional team leaders for professional consultancy.
- Your working style is high-quality, accurate, flawless and timely; and complies with our standards.

You have the following experience and skillset
- min. 5 years project leader experience with at least 3 years experience in webshop and/or complex web application, as well as mobile interface design projects
- familiarity with the latest UX and UI guidelines and trends
- knowledge of project management methods and tools
- strategic thinking and business-oriented mindset
- effective operative leading skills, attention to detail
- proactive attitude, excellent communication and presentation skills
- resolute personality, accurate and independent working style, team-player

We offer
- long-term and secure employment;
- professional development;
- independent working in an important position;
- competitive salary and compensation package.

Apply now!
If you are interested, drop us a line and send your application (CV, portfolio and expected salary) to (ref: SPM_UXUI)


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