Judit Nyikos-Cserni

Head of Business Unit, Experience Design

Judit Nyikos-Cserni
It’s no magic: this is where “just doing your job right” takes you

Judit joined Kirowski in 2001 in the days when the agency was a web design company with employees of an average age of 24. Unlike many of her colleagues, her motivation was not the fascination by the Internet or digital revolution: she simply needed a job and Kirowski had the eagerness to hire smart minds. A perfect match.

She started as a Junior Project Manager and a couple of years later she was heading a complete account and project management team for brands like Hungarian Telekom (a client of hers for more than 10 years now), MOL or OTP. She took part in Kirowski’s transformation into a communication agency and has many years of advertising experience behind her.
Following an 18-month maternity leave with her daughter, Judit rejoined the Isobar crew to lead the Experience Design Business Unit in 2015 – a joyful return to the roots of user-focused web design services. She is crazy for her team – not merely a bunch of UX, UI, FED, PM gurus but a really cool crowd.