Isobar: Ideas Without Limits

Who we are

Isobar is a global full-service digital agency, creatively solving critical, complex client challenges in the digital era. We conceive, design and build innovative experiences, and we enable brand commerce by connecting powerful brand narratives with commercial interactions. We relentlessly focus on delivering "Ideas without limits," and take pride in helping clients transform business processes, disrupt industries and find new ways to connect with customers.

Our team

We bring together innovators of all kinds - strategists, creatives, storytellers, designers, technologists and producers - to conceive, create and optimise “Ideas Without Limits”.

Latest news

Service Design 101 – What is it? Why is it important?

This is the first part of a three-piece interview series with Service Design Consultant Tamás Turi who talks about his work at Isobar Budapest covering topics such as service design basics, “business - love - design” initiative, as well as challenges brands have to face in 2017.