Geoff Cubitt

Co-CEO, Isobar US

Geoff Cubitt
As a Co-CEO of Isobar US, Geoff leads the US in tackling the largest, most complex problems in the digital space.

Geoff has spent 20+ years helping clients create enterprise digital platforms. Geoff has always believed that the key to success in digital is the integration of design and enterprise technology, whether he is helping create HBO’s award winning digital ecosystem or building a cloud based marketing dashboard for GM. Geoff was a founder of pioneering digital agency Roundarch, which became Isobar US in 2013. His clients have included: American Express, GM, JPMorgan Chase, Northern Trust, HBO, Agilent, Molex, Baxter Healthcare and Best Buy.

Prior to Roundarch, Geoff was a leader in Deloitte Consulting’s CRM and eBusiness practices. He has an MS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University.