Creative Team


We're looking for a Creative team to join us at Isobar. We're open to freelance and permanent teams but permanent positions are likely to start in January 2017.

Our Creative Team will play a key role in the creative development of anything coming into Isobar whether it be social, campaigns, experiential, multi-platform, mobile, service design or innovation pieces. You will be creative problem solvers and help produce original, innovative outputs that help our clients reach and engage with relevant audiences.

Role Responsibility

As our Creative Team you’ll have a symbiotic relationship. Client-facing where required but predominantly focused on nimbly delivering intelligent and engaging written ideas supported with elegant and illustrative scamps. You’ll have respect for language and the power it can have on audiences.

Capable of sniffing out real business and consumer problems from strategic insights and briefs. Always questioning the status-quo, never satisfied; constantly digging for and iterating through ideas to surface the tightest most compelling ideas.

As a focal point of our creative process, you’ll be able to quickly interpret briefs accurately, know which questions to ask and be able to communicate your ideas to the rest of the team before doing something fresh and unexpected on every brief.

As creative experts, you’ll need to be mindful of how technologists, hackers and makers are integral to the creative process and will want to tap into, and collaborate well with, these mindsets and work seamlessly with these and other team members. While we don’t expect you to be project managers, you’ll be aware of the ticking clock and therefore know how to actively manage expectations across your key stakeholders.

Part of the creative process will be to help educate both internal and external stakeholders on what’s going on in the industry, take them on the journey with you and help them understand the rationale you’ve been working too – remember it’s not your agenda we’re working too, it’s the clients brief and they have to be front of mind the whole time.

The Ideal Candidate and what you’ll know

So we’ve given you an overview of the role, but what will you have to know to be successful in this role?

Creative Teams at Isobar are expected to know how both traditional and digital agencies work, ideally you’ll have worked in both and therefore have a deep understanding of how we go from brief to production. You won’t always be working on the same clients (although you may be working predominantly on 1 or 2) and therefore it’s important you’ve worked across multiple sectors with different clients.

You’ll have experience of storytelling and strong copywriting knowledge and be able to align it with knowledge of art direction to produce a first class output. If you can juggle then great (not literally mind you) as you’ll often have multiple priorities and deadlines and will need to manage everyone’s expectations around this priority list.

We’d love you to have a deep passion for interactive media and digital generally, you might be a gamer, app builder or generally take interest in digital products in your spare time which will all help spark your imagination with creative ideas. Sonics, sounds design, cinematography, drawing or painting you name it, you’ll be interested in it and the impact they have on audiences. In short you’ll be creative souls with energy, enthusiasm and hunger to do great work on every brief.

How you’ll behave

It’s not just about what you’ve done before, what we’re really interested in is what you might do in the future. Therefore, how you go about your work is equally important to us. We want to push the boundaries on what we do and use tech to innovate our work. It’s hugely important to us that you’re curious and entrepreneurial, you question why we’re doing things, look at what others are doing and try something new. You’ll be collaborative and help educate others around the role creative has to play in the agency.

Ultimately you’ll need to create the conditions for great work. Influence at the right time to turn good into great. Be visionary and own the quality of the work. Above all, we’re looking for a team who can embrace Isobar’s creative & entrepreneurial culture: from sports teams to fitness regimes, quiz nights to Christmas & summer parties, fundraisers to just plain fun, come and contribute to our culture.