What drives us is you


We made searching for your perfect car, a whole lot easier.


The results

2% site traffic up YOY, which equates to 100,000 incremental visits.

The challenge

Inspire a new audience to look now, and find a vehicle they love

We knew that when people visit Auto Trader, they are all searching for their perfect car. So we made it clear that, whatever they are looking for, they can trust AutoTrader to help them find it. Technology has changed the way that people buy and sell cars. We needed to take Auto Trader from being purely online classified advertising to a digital market place, in order to build trust and therefore increase market share.

The idea

We created the simplest Auto app on the market

By building an easy-to-use search engine, we’ve started to engineer an even more positive brand meaning amongst our audience of old and, most importantly, new. In small, our advertising, and mechanic-like team has produced a campaign that’s driven by…well, you.