Beach and Breakfast: Activation

Beach and Breakfast: Activation


Citroën and Isobar open the first BnB in a concept car.

The results

15,5 Millions impressions on Facebook
9,3 Millions of people reached on Facebook
80 000 sessions
3 000 participations
8 countries mobilized

The challenge

Be different, Feel Good

In a crowded automobile market full of inspirational signatures, Citroën needed to make of its new signature something impossible to forget, impossible to compare, something really different from the other automakers.

The idea

The first BnB in a concept car

The first million dollar concept-car to hit the road for days.
The first time an automaker is ok to let ordinary people drive its latest concept-car and sleep in it.
The first BnB in a concept car.
A booking platform full responsive with a Facebook & Twitter connect that make all bookings goes viral.