Isobar offers its clients vertical and 360° viewing on smartphones


Isobar offers its clients vertical and 360° viewing on smartphones

While for the first time this year the majority of online videos will be watched on smartphones[1], one cannot fail to observe that only a tiny proportion of campaigns are adapted to this new screen. "Video advertising content must be adapted to smartphones through vertical full-screen videos which retain their meaning if watched without sound or with subtitles", explains Soraya Ould Lamara, Associate Director of Isobar, which is now offering two mobile-first formats: vertical video and 360° video, both means of engaging viewers' attention and memory.

Vertical video: the new norm for smartphones

Popularized by the success of Snapchat, vertical video is on its way to becoming the new norm for smartphone video viewing. Smartphone users consult their device vertically 94% of the time[2], and mostly without sound. Videos designed to be watched horizontally, often 30 second adaptations of TV ads, lose their impact and their meaning on smartphones. 

Isobar, the Creation and Digital Strategy agency of the Dentsu Aegis Network group, confronts this challenge by adapting horizontal videos into a vertical format, and adding subtitles.

360° video: the format of the future

Since Facebook launched 360° videos on its newsfeed, these have become an opportunity for advertisers to come up with innovative campaigns, more appreciated by users. This immersive format allows smartphone users to control the direction in which they watch a video thanks to the accelerometer on their device. What's more, YouTube is now offering Android users the possibility of adapting 360° videos to virtual reality headsets like Google Cardboard, in just one click.

Today, Isobar is creating 360° videos to be published on Facebook, YouTube or on interstitial webpages.


These innovations reflect the smartphone development strategy of LesMobilizers, the Dentsu Aegis Network group's Mobile division.


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