Essilor can test your eyesight with Isobar!


Essilor can test your eyesight with Isobar!

Known throughout the world for its expertise in progressive lenses with its Varilux range, Essilor wanted to highlight its other technologies and innovations in corrective lenses. It has now done this with the agency Isobar, a creative and digital strategy agency of the Dentsu Aegis Network Group. It was chosen to create a fun and immersive digital operation as part of a cross-channel campaign (national radio, POS displays in partner stores, etc.).

To help people learn about the other ranges and areas of expertise of Essilor, the agency designed a game called VISION RUN, which tests the eyesight of internet users!
From blurry close-ups to doubling because of fatigue, glare and blue light, etc. The players must avoid obstacles by using the right technologies to complete a course in the middle of the desert. VISION RUN is a fun way of experiencing the lenses of Essilor: Eyezen for eye strain, Crizal Prevencia to filter blue light, Transitions, which is a range of lenses with varying tints to reduce glare, and of course, Varilux, the progressive lens that offers optimal comfort and correction so that you can see both at a distance and up close.

Compatible with tablets and smartphones, this digital experience is based on the model of “running games”, which first appeared as mobile apps were developed, and is designed to appeal to a wider audience than the brand’s traditional core target market. This entire digital initiative is supported by a media campaign managed by Vizeum (Dentsu Aegis Network Group) and the media agency of Essilor.

Will you reach the oasis with Essilor?


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