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For April Fools, Citroën puts a twist on advertisers' social media hoaxes with Isobar

April Fools' Day was made for social media hoaxes and practical jokes: and so be it! Throughout the day, Citroën had fun hijacking its competitors' April Fools posts, but also those of other brands from beyond the automobile sector.

When CITROËN and Isobar take on the funniest day of the year, a fun and off-the-wall campaign is born: #CarJoking.

This original and unexpected event was brought to life by teams rallying together and collaborating inside a social room, formulating responses to other brands' April Fools posts by putting a twist on their fake concepts.

The result: surprising and original creations and transformations, sparking interactions with other brands and Internet users.

In the same vein as Isobar's #HuggingDay and #ReformeOrthographe campaigns, the #Carjoking operation allowed Citroën to fully assert its leitmotif.

The creation of the new Social Voice in 2016 confirms Citroën's desire to stand out, but also to firmly anchor itself within its new position.




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