Stéphane RENOU

Deputy Managing Director

Stéphane  RENOU
Stéphane offers his leadership and technical expertise to the agency’s clients.

Stéphane participates in the development of new internal management practices and contributes to the implementation of agility-based productivity tools.

He brings his vast expertise in the fields of mobile technology and user experience to bear on the ensemble of the agency’s projects.

Stéphane has some 20 years of experience in digital technologies, and most notably worked with Cambridge Technology Partners when the Internet bubble first began to grow.
This experience enabled him to acquire the fundamental skills required for operational management.

In 2006, he cofounded Workit, an e-commerce monitoring firm.

In 2009, with Loïc Le Moaligou, he cofounded LesMobilizers, an agency dedicated to the conception and development of mobile applications. Stéphane brings the agency an operationally-minded managerial approach.