Our Services

We drive digital transformation through two key offerings: Brand Commerce and Product & Service Design. We bring brand inspiration and commercial interaction closer, delivering delightful experiences anytime, anywhere.

  • Strategy

    We devise strategies to transform business processes and disrupt industries

    Using proprietary research tools, and social listening and data platforms, our strategy teams do it all: brand strategy to business analytics, media strategy to user experience.

  • Campaigns

    We create, distribute, measure and optimize digitally focused campaigns

    Isobar combines the power of storytelling with the creative use of technology to inspire people and motivate behavior.

  • Platforms

    We design and build flexible, scalable technology platforms

    We design, develop, deploy, and support e-commerce, content, and consumer-engagement platforms globally, across technology frameworks, with teams headed by some of the world’s most experienced and respected technology leaders.

  • Products

    We invent digital products that generate new revenue streams

    With Fiat Live Store, we opened the first real-time, video-linked car dealership with half a million monthly visitors. We created Sky Tweet, a utility that lets consumers control their TV set-top DVR with a Tweet. And we developed a new virtual reality platform named Chevy Co-Driver that lets car shoppers take dramatic test-drives right on the showroom floor.

  • Experiences

    We design channel experiences that are both easy and a joy to use

    The most important platform in any digitally enabled experience is the human one. So the Isobar approach to experience design has people at its heart, from insight and research, to rigorous testing and optimization.