Enabling Omnichannel Retail for DeFacto

Enabling Omnichannel Retail for DeFacto


We helped Turkey's second-largest retailer to surpass the market and launch the country's first-ever omnichannel shopping experience.

The results

DeFacto launched click and collect in April 2015, with ship from store and reserve and collect due for rollout across the network of stores in 2016. DeFacto is the only retailer in Turkey that is doing all three services together. Response to the improved services has been really positive, with 15 per cent of overall eCommerce orders now being fulfilled via click and collect - saving the business time and cost on delivery.

The challenge

How can we modernise the customer experience?

DeFacto’s ambition was to become the first Turkish retailer to offer a truly omnichannel experience to customers. The company saw omnichannel retail as one of the biggest opportunities to continue its dynamic growth while improving profitability.

The solution

Planning ahead

In the first phase of the project, we built a detailed plan for DeFacto’s move into omnichannel, looking at everything from systems to training to ROI. In a second phase focused on bringing the new experience to life, we implemented an order management solution, fully integrated to DeFacto’s enterprise resource planning system and commerce platform, within six months. Our activity also included:

• Providing an estimate of incremental benefits for various omnichannel initiatives such as click and collect, ship from store and save-the-sale, comparing them to associated costs, and identifying dependencies

• Delivered a three-year roadmap for omnichannel initiatives, prioritising those with the biggest impact and fewest hurdles

• Designed and outlined required business processes in the warehouse, stores, and back-end systems, taking into account DeFacto’s complex and advanced logistics

• Advised on launch strategy including selecting the number of stores for trials and identifying key locations

• Provided an estimate of return on investment for each service.