Ice Lolly Challenge


Consumers in China lack awareness about oral healthcare. Sensodyne launched its first digital “Ice-Lolly Challenge” campaign this summer to raise awareness about tooth sensitivity with our target audience and educate the market on the importance of taking preventive measures to protect their teeth.


The results

During the campaign period, Sensodyne’s Ice-lolly Challenge created almost one hundred million times brand exposure for the toothpaste brand and 27 million times engagement on social media across Sina Weibo and Tencent WeChat based on our overall web and social measurements.

Sensodyne promoted its campaign on WeChat, which increased the sales volume of its toothpaste for sensitive teeth by 58%, according to statistics from Sensodyne’s ecommerce platform. (Based on EC platform,please keep it confidential)

The Baidu index indicated the highest value for Sensodyne during the campaign period, according to Baidu’s monitoring platform. (The data is from Baidu Index)

According to Admaster, an analytics platform in China, a massive number of Internet users discussed the Sensodyne brand and brand social buzz increased by 880%.

We have also launched large-scale online and offline activities to raise awareness of oral healthcare for Chinese consumers to proactively seek preventive solutions for their oral health.

The challenge

When choosing toothpaste, consumers would consider the whitening and refreshing effects, price and other benefits but the focus on oral health benefits from the toothpaste is poorly understood.

Sensodyne is an established toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth in the market for the past 54 years. The brand is originally from the US and expanded its presence into more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

80% of oral healthcare experts globally recommend Sensodyne as the professional desensitizing toothpaste. Sensodyne owns 59% of market share in the toothpaste category for sensitive teeth worldwide.

However, there are many toothpaste brands in China and the toothpaste category in the market is highly competitive. Major toothpaste brands such as Crest, Colgate, Darlie and Chinese toothpaste have dominated the landscape in terms of consumer awareness and consumption.

When choosing toothpaste, consumers would consider the whitening and refreshing effects, price and other benefits but the focus on oral health benefits from the toothpaste is poorly understood.

Before the efforts began, Sensodyne as a brand was still not widely recognized in China as the toothpaste for sensitive teeth as it has entered China market later, positioned itself as a premium toothpaste and consumers’ lack of awareness about sensitive teeth.

The idea

Insight and strategy

Consumers are only aware of their tooth sensitivity when they experienced pain when eating hot, cold, sweet and sour foods. Life would be so much better if they can enjoy these types of food and not be afraid of eating them due to their tooth sensitivity. But people forget quickly about their oral health problem when they don’t eat such foods.

Sensodyne also conducted research on the consumer attitudes and behavior toward their tooth sensitivity and proactivity in finding a solution to solve it by examining consumers that are in the different stages of their tooth sensitivity problem from light, medium to serious conditions.

With this insight, Sensodyne’s big idea was to create buzz around the “Ice Lolly Challenge” campaign to highlight the importance and urgency of tooth sensitivity to the masses so that they will be motivated to use Sensodyne to solve their oral health condition.


Sensodyne leveraged Sina Weibo to launch the micro topic: “Are your teeth still young? Take the Ice-Lolly Challenge” to spur discussion and participation on the social media channel. Sensodyne also invited movie stars, web celebrities and famous personalities from China's trending reality TV programs to participate in the Ice-Lolly Challenge. Consumers could join in the challenge by sharing their views on which celebrity would win the Ice-Lolly Challenge on social media. Sensodyne also engaged KOLs to help spread the message of the various celebrities participating in the Ice-lolly challenge to gain widespread consumer attention and engagement online.

Sensodyne used ad branding from WeChat to target millions of consumers aged 25 to 45 years old located in the first and second-tier cities with the refreshing topic of “Are your teeth still young?” and activated the Ice Lolly challenge on all channels and activities to attract people to pay attention to their oral health. Additionally, we used WeChat to target ads and drive people to purchase Sensodyne toothpaste on the mobile ecommerce platform.

At the same time, we extended the online challenge to the real world and selected a few key large cities’ supermarkets, department stores, office buildings and other major locations for roadshow events.

Sensodyne’s Ice Lolly challenge reached out to consumers in their daily lives through these roadshows and let them participate in the challenge to experience and become aware of tooth sensitivity as well as get the right information on oral healthcare and motivate them to solve their sensitive teeth problems.