An intelligent way of watching TV


SKY Tip is  makes browsing the internet the new zapping.


The results

We transformed web browsers in a new way of going through TV channels.

The challenge

How to help people find programs that really pleases them?

Never before had television produced so much content: SKY, for example, counts with hundreds of channels and thousands of program hours. As a digital agency, we thought about presenting a way of using internet as an ally on the moment of offering entertainment based especially on each subscriber taste.

The idea

We created a very intelligent way of watching TV

SkyTip is an innovative solution that transforms internet in an ally for the service of television by subscribe. We use the browser as media, once it spreads the more than 3 thousand hours of program set, based on the user researches. The service, available for more than 5 million SKY clients, is a free and exclusive way for the subscriber to discover what to watch on television.

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