Opel and Isobar challenge YouTuber UP2D8 to a Pokémon GO adventure


Opel and Isobar challenge YouTuber UP2D8 to a Pokémon GO adventure

Opel has been looking for creative ways to promote the ADAM, a city friendly car that is perfect for driving between Pokéstops where users can find new items to use in the game. Both the car and the game target younger audiences, who love YouTubers and follow their videos every day. Knowing this, Isobar created a challenge for the YouTuber UP2D8, a rising star in the Belgian YouTuber landscape, to complete in the city of Antwerp.

Samir, the face behind UP2D8, had to call in the help of his fans to join him in tackling the challenges, which included stickering an Opel Adam they would use throughout the day. Using the Opel ADAM to travel between Pokémon GO hotspots in Antwerp, Samir and his fans had to prove their Pokémon-catching skills in some of the most iconic locations of Antwerp.

As Samir doesn’t have his driving license yet, the final challenge let him acquire his first driving experience with the Pokémon GO ADAM, where he had to complete a parkour. Once Samir completed all the challenges, he received a giant voucher for his first driving lessons with an Opel! Samir commented: “I think it’s fantastic that Belgian YouTubers get the opportunity to work with big brands like Opel. This allows us to get even more creative with our content.”

Opel also wanted raise awareness to the fact that playing Pokémon GO while driving is dangerous and not allowed, so a clear message to not play while driving was added to all the communication, along with the hashtag #DontPokemonGOandDrive

The event was also supported on Facebook with promoted posts to get a maximum reach on fans of the game!

The results were above expectations with more than 16.500 likes/comments/shares and 555.000 video views across both UP2D8’s as Opel’s social media channels. More than 1.5 million Belgian Pokémon GO fans were reached with this campaign.

See the full video on the UP2D8 YouTube channel:

“We were looking for a stunt with the ADAM and knowing that Pokémon GO is the hot topic this summer, we knew this was going to be the perfect combination. The results were fantastic and it was just a really fun project to work on!” - Els Weyenberg, Opel Belgium Manager Online Marketing

Opel has enlisted Isobar as their digital agency since the beginning 2016. Several successful creative campaigns have run in this time, including this one featuring Social Media, Influencer Marketing and Field Activation!

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