Multi-Sensory Instagram Campaign

7-Eleven Australia

We created six-second multi-sensory Instagram videos to represent each of Slurpee’s new flavours, describing taste through sight, sound and feel.

7-Eleven Australia

The results

Flavour Fest saw Slurpee’s Instagram engagement go up 540%.

The challenge

Instagram was the platform for the new flavours, but how could you use it to convey taste?

We knew the best place to showcase drool-worthy food was on Instagram, but everyone’s feed is already filled with perfectly plated creations. Plus, you can’t see what a Slurpee tastes like. We had to find a way to turn 13 new flavours into multi-sensory experiences. We knew that by describing them all in as much lateral detail as possible, we could paint a sensory portrait of each flavour.

The idea

We created six-second multi-sensory Instagram videos to represent each flavour.

Out of hundreds submitted, we chose our three favourite descriptions for each flavour and turned them into six-second multi-sensory videos perfect for Instagram – short, sharp, weird and all in an eye-catching, scroll-stopping pastel colour palette. Each week a new video with as much colour and detail as possible was released to Instagram, building the anticipation for each week’s new flavour.

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