We design experiences that are both easy to use and a joy to use


The most important platform in any digitally enabled experience is the human one. So the Isobar approach to experience design has people at its heart, from insight and research, to rigorous testing and optimization. We combine content, visual design, user experience design, and technology to develop engaging, effective experiences that drive measurable value. Our experience design practice works in close collaboration with our broad and deep development capability, which ranges from sophisticated front-end, to best-in-class e-commerce platform deployment and optimization.

“After creating a set of personas for an auto rental company, agency Isobar determined each persona’s key goals…Through this exercise, the agency was able to identify the capabilities and touchpoints that the company needed to offer as well as opportunities for the firm to delight its target customers.” Jonathan Browne, Forrester "The State of The Art of Personas

Business Planning

competitive & industry analysis, maturity models, roadmaps, business cases

Strategy Development

brand, digital marketing, omni-channel experience, web, mobile, social, environmental, technology, eCommerce, wearable