Helmut Kosa


Helmut Kosa is one of Austria’s online-marketing pioneers.

In 1997, he was involved in the build-up of the first online marketing network “Active Agent”, where he also worked as a managing director. In 2000, together with two partners, he founded the advertising agency pjure, specializing in online and dialog marketing. Together with clients such as max.mobil. (now T-Mobile), new ways of digital communication were developed. Pjure was the first online advertising agency to advance their business into the area of classical advertising. Since 2006, Pjure is considered the brand-leading advertising agency with digital focus. 3 years ago Pjure became part of the largest international digital creative agency network called Isobar, where 3,800 "digitals" work in 36 countries worldwide, and has since been trading under the name of pjure isobar. The goal is to create a new type of agencies and a new mode of operation through integrating creatives, technology and media planning.