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Isobar Mena presents ‘The future of brand is Brand Commerce’ at Cannes Lions Festival, Dubai Lynx

On Sunday 5th March, Digital Republic Linked by Isobar CEO Karim Khalifa and Creative Director, Bassem Ainu, took to the stage to present ‘The future of brands is Brand Commerce’ at the Cannes Lions creative festival, Dubai Lynx.

The talk, hosted on the Data x Innovation x Tech stage, explained that as the gap between brand inspiration and commercial transaction narrows in the digital age, agencies need to find new ways to engineer meaningful interactions between brands and consumers. In turn, these meaningful interactions with consumers should result in a transaction.

Karim went on to explain the Brand Commerce approach, “It is key for brands to create inspirational stories and experiences through the creative use of digital and technology, that ultimately leads to a transaction. At Isobar, we call this Brand Commerce.”

In other words, this is about shortening the funnel. Essential to this process is a deep understanding of the context of a user’s digital life, especially now the digital and real worlds seamlessly overlap.

Bassem added, “We need to understand and utilise each potential brand touch point in the journey – this could be on the move, on a train, in bed while on multiple screens and so on.”

The key takeaway was a call to action - brands need to react to the reality of consumer expectations now. With fierce competition in all major sectors, brands that successfully engineer meaningful interactions across all touch points with consumers will win in the digital economy.

Read Karim’s predictions for 2017 here and an interview on the Digital Republic team here.

To find out more about the Dubai Lynx festival, click here.




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